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Stoneshard (2020) is a turn-based RPG that presents classic roguelike gameplay in a new way, welcoming for both newcomers and veterans alike. You start out as an ordinary mercenary. Mighty forces have clashed over your once prosperous homeland, now ravaged by war, feud and famine. The Grand Magistrate is about to fall, when mysterious stranger makes you an offer you can’t refuse. Travel across the lands as a leader of the Caravan of Companions, as you gather followers for your cause.

File №1. Game version: +11 options by MAF/WeMod


  • F1 – Infinite Health
  • F2 – Infinite Energy
  • F3 – Infinite AP
  • F4 – Infinite SP
  • F5 – Infinite Body Parts Condition
  • F6 – Change Hunger
  • F7 – Change Thirst
  • F8 – Change Pain
  • F9 – Change Intoxication
  • F10 – Change Sanity
  • F11 – Change Morale


Here you can find Trainer for Stoneshard (latest game version). Currently we have free cheats from MrAntiFun.


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