Sailing Era Trainer (1.3.0)

Sailing Era (2023) is a new RPG. The story takes place during the era of great geographical discovery in the 15th to 17th century. The world is linked by nautical routes, leading to an upsurge in ocean exploration. Every young navigator of this era dreams of their own ship to sail freely through the ocean.

File №1. CE Table +12 by ColonelRVH. Game version: 1.3.0.


  • [x] – Infinite Money
  • [x] – Infinite Fleet Food
  • [x] – Infinite Crew Health
  • [x] – Infinite Fleet Morale
  • [x] – Multiply Move Speed
  • [x] – Get Character Data
  • [x] – 5+ Pointers
  • [x] – Get Fleet Health
  • [x] – Infinite Health
  • [x] – Infinite Character Exploring Health
  • [x] – Force Pause (Toggle: Pause Break)
  • [x] – Speedhack (Ctrl+/Ctrl-)


You don’t know how to use .CT files? Check our tutorial >>>HERE!<<<

At the moment you can download cheat engine table for latest PC game version (1.3.0 Full Release) created by ColonelRVH. Trainer for Sailing Era will be available soon. Keep for updates.


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