Total Tank Simulator Trainer (06.2020)

Total Tank Simulator (2020) is a fast-paced RTS. Matches take place between various nations and comprise of a planning phase where you position your tanks, troops, planes, artillery, etc, and then a battle phase, where both sides proceed to blast the absolute snot out of one another until one is nought but a collection of smears on yonder hillside.

File №1. Game version: 12.06.2020. +3 options by STiNGERR


  • Numpad 1 – Infinite Money
  • Numpad 2 – Infinite Research Points
  • Numpad 3 – Change Game Speed


1. Activate options on map screen.


Here you can find working Total Tank Simulator Trainer for latest game version 12.06.2020. Currently we have free cheats from STiNGERR.


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