Thief Simulator 2 Trainer [v1.2 / CH]

Thief Simulator 2 (2023) is a continuation of the successful Polish production from 2018, in which we play a professional thief. The game offers the ability to make jumps in a large open world. The door to your robberโ€™s career is waiting! Just crowbar the lock off and force your way through the threshold. Learn skills, collect tools and become a master of the thieving trade!

File โ„–1. Game version: 1.2. +32 options by CheatHappens

List of Options:

  • Num 1: Invulnerable
  • Num 2: Invisible Mode
  • Num 3: Suspend Enemy Movement
  • Num 4: Infinite Money
  • Num 5: Zero Debt
  • Num 6: Super Crouch Move Speed
  • Num 7: Super Move Speed
  • Num 8: Super Jump
  • Num 9: Low Gravity Mode
  • Multiply: No Clip
  • Add: Infinite Max Weight
  • Subtract: Infinite Skill Points
  • Decimal: Infinite Special Skill Points
  • Divide: Infinite EXP
  • F1: Clear Wanted Stars
  • F2: Unlock Shop Items
  • F3: +1 Hour Game Time
  • F4: -1 Hour Game Time
  • F5: Freeze Time
  • F6: Freeze Power Off Timer

Editor Options:

  • Set Money
  • Set Debt Money
  • Set Walk Move Speed
  • Set Crouch Mive Speed
  • Set Jump Multiplier
  • Set Gravity
  • Set Skill Points
  • Set Special Skill Points
  • Set EXP
  • Set EXP Multiplier
  • Set Maximum Weight
  • Set Game Speed

-> Download (132 Kb)

Unlock all functions and get full Trainer you can here ๐Ÿ‘‰ Thief Simulator 2 Trainer.

Here you can find files for the latest game version (1.2). Currently we have free trainer from CheatHappens. To find more cheats for this game type game name in search form on site.


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