The Great War: Western Front Trainer (1.0.1)

The Great War: Western Front (2023) is a turn-based, offline, operational strategy WW2 wargame that puts you in command of the URSS Forces as they try to push their way towards the Tide of war. From Moscow to Berlin, fight your way through many epic battles – Aim your targets carefully, counter-attack and Strategically coordinate your Squads.

File №1. Game version: 1.0.1. +4 options by MAF/WeMod


  • F1 – Infinite Health Allies
  • F2 – Infinite Health Central Powers
  • F3 – Infinite Battle Supplies
  • F4 – Infinite Units Cap


Here you can find The Great War: Western Front Trainer for the latest game version (1.0.1). Currently we have free cheats from MrAntiFun/WeMod.


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