Starfield Trainer [v1.12.30 / CH]

Starfield (2023) is an action role-playing video game. The player can switch between a first-person and third-person perspective at any time. The game features an open world in the form of an area within the Milky Way galaxy, containing both fictional and non-fictional planetary systems. The player is able to land on more than 1,000 planets and an unspecified number of moons and space stations.

File №1. Game version: 1.12.30. +37 options by CheatHappens

List of Options:

  • Num 1: God Mode
  • Num 2: Infinite Health
  • Num 3: Infinite Oxygen
  • Num 4: Infinite Ability Powers
  • Num 5: Infinite Cutter
  • Num 6: No Reload
  • Num 7: No Recoil
  • Num 8: Maximum Accuracy
  • Num 9: Infinite Use Items Collect and Ammo
  • Multiply: Mega Inventory Maximum Mass
  • Add: No Inventory Weight
  • Subtract: Infinite Jetpack
  • Decimal: Infinite Jetpack for Snobs
  • Divide: Enemies Don’t Attack
  • F1: Weak Targeted Enemies
  • F2: Infinite Boost
  • F3: Infinite Ship Weapons Energy
  • F4: Infinite Shields
  • F5: Maximum Ship Defense Systems Power
  • F6: Maximum Ship Weapon Systems Power
  • F7: Weak Enemy Shields
  • F8: Easy Skill Rank Up Completed Challenges
  • F9: Easy Persuade
  • F10: Allow Research
  • F11: Simple Research
  • F12: No Cooking or Crafting Requirements
  • F13: Easy Build
  • F14: Easy Unlock Doors
  • F15: Ignore Ship Design Errors
  • F16: Ignore Skills For Ship Modules
  • F17: More Legendary Drops
  • F18: More Equipment Drops

Editor Options:

  • Edit Current Experience
  • Edit Skill Points
  • Edit Credits
  • Edit Maximum Ship Design Modules
  • Edit Maximum Power

-> Download (132.3 Kb)

Unlock all functions and get full Trainer you can here 👉 Starfield Trainer.

Here you can find files for the latest game version (1.12.30). Currently we have free trainer from CheatHappens. To find more cheats for this game type game name in search form on site.


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