Shadows of Doubt Trainer [v37.07 / CH]

Shadows of Doubt (2023) is an open-world detective investigation game played from a first-person perspective. The player works as a private investigator who pursues murder cases in a city. The city’s layout, its citizens and their routines, and all murder cases are procedurally-generated per save file, and the player can choose the city’s name, size, and seed.

File №1. Game version: 37.07. +27 options by CheatHappens

List of Options:

  • Numpad 1: Change Game Speed

Editor Options:

  • Set Money
  • Set Lockpicks
  • Set Social Credit
  • Set Lockpick Strength
  • Set Unreportable 0 or 1
  • Set Is Trespassing 0 or 1
  • Set Is Seen By Others 0 or 1
  • Set Is Visible 0 or 1
  • Set Current Health
  • Set Maximum Health
  • Set Current Health Normalized
  • Set Recovery Rate
  • Set Combat Skill
  • Set Combat Heft
  • Set Current Nerve
  • Set Maximum Nerve
  • Set Applied Stealth
  • Set Current Visibility Potential
  • Set Overall Visibility
  • Set Stealth Distance
  • Set Stealth Mode
  • Set Gas Level
  • Set Hurt
  • Set Roll Multiplier
  • Set Walk Speed
  • Set Run Speed

-> Download (132.3 Kb)

Unlock all functions and get full Trainer you can here 👉 Shadows of Doubt Trainer.

Here you can find files for the latest game version (37.07). Currently we have free trainer from CheatHappens. To find more cheats for this game type game name in search form on site.


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