Astra Exodus Trainer (1.0)

Astra Exodus (2020) is a single player turn based Sci-fi 4X strategy game inspired by the classics, with a multiple choice narrative driven epic campaign, top down real time tactical battles and an extensive semi-randomized research grid. Take the chance to lead humanity back home, while uncovering the mysteries behind the Exodus, across a choice driven narrative campaign.

File №1. Game version: 1.0+. +6 options by MrAntiFun

Cheat Functions:

  • F1 – Infinite Money
  • F2 – Infinite Troops
  • F3 – Infinite Health
  • F4 – Infinite Food
  • F5 – Maximum Stats
  • F6 – Infinite Resources


Here you can find trainer for Astra Exodus (latest game version 1.0). We add cheats for new games ASAP after official release. To get direct link share this page.


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