The Legend of Heroes: Trails through Daybreak Trainer [v1.0 / CH]

The Legend of Heroes: Trails through Daybreak (2024) is a new RPG for PC. The spriggan known as Van Arkride, an underground professional, accepts any job, acting as detective, negotiator, or bounty hunter. Dive into the Trails series’ latest chapter with intense combat, beautiful visuals, and a new alignment system in Calvard!

File №1. Game version: 1.0+. +41 options by CheatHappens

List of Options:

  • Num 1: Infinite Health
  • Num 2: Unlimited EP
  • Num 3: Unlimited CP
  • Num 4: Weak Enemies
  • Num 5: Infinite Use Items
  • Num 6: Chnage Game Speed

Editor Options:

  • Edit MIRA
  • Edit Copper
  • Edit Blue
  • Edit Red
  • Edit Green
  • Edit Black
  • Edit Gold
  • Edit Platinum
  • Edit Diamond
  • Edit Amount
  • Set Level
  • Set Experience
  • Set Health
  • Set Maximum Health
  • Set EP
  • Set Maximum EP
  • Set CP
  • Set Maximum CP
  • Set STR
  • Set DEF
  • Set ATS
  • Set ADF
  • Set SPD
  • Set AGL
  • Set DEX
  • Set MOV
  • Set RNG
  • Set Melee Attack
  • Set Melee Defense
  • Set Magic Attack
  • Set Magic Defense
  • Set ACC
  • Set CRT
  • Set EVA
  • Set AEV

-> Download (141.1 Kb)

Unlock all functions and get full Trainer you can here 👉 The Legend of Heroes: Trails through Daybreak Trainer.

Here you can find files for the latest game version (1.0). Currently we have free trainer from CheatHappens. To find more cheats for this game type game name in search form on site.


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