The Last Hex Trainer (1.0)

The Last Hex (2021) is a RPG Deckbuilder with Roguelite elements. Each aspect of your character will be needed for success. Your abilities, which are represented by your deck, determine what actions you can take in battle. As your journey continues you will grow in strength by finding new and more powerful equipment to enhance those abilities or provide other unique bonuses.

File №1. Game version: 1.0. +15 options by ndck76


  • [x] – Current Health
  • [x] – Maximum Health
  • [x] – Current Energy
  • [x] – Maximum Energy
  • [x] – Player Armor
  • [x] – Player Power
  • [x] – Player Arcana
  • [x] – Player Expertise
  • [x] – Player Vitality
  • [x] – Player Luck
  • [x] – Player Discount
  • [x] – Player Gold
  • [x] – Infinite Items
  • [x] – Class Selected Settings


Here you can find cheat engine table for the latest game version (1.0). Currently we have free cheats from ndck76. Trainer for The Last Hex will be available soon. Keep for updates.


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