Praey for the Gods Trainer (1.0.009)

Praey for the Gods (2021) is a boss climbing open world adventure game where you play a lone hero sent to the edge of a dying frozen land to explore and solve the secrets of a never ending winter. Grapple, glide and grab hold of massive beasts as you fight to survive and return the world to proper order.

File №1. Game version: 1.0.009. +14 options by ColonelRVH


  • [x] – Infinite Health
  • [x] – Infinite Stamina
  • [x] – One Hit Kill
  • [x] – Unlimited Arrows
  • [x] – Maximum Durability Ranged Weapons
  • [x] – Maximum Durability Melee Weapons
  • [x] – Maximum Durability Grapples
  • [x] – No Cold
  • [x] – No Tired
  • [x] – Never Hungry/Totem Hook
  • [x] – Walk Underwater
  • [x] – Free Crafting
  • [x] – Sail Cloth Hook
  • [x] – Jump Hook


You don’t know how to use .CT files? Check our tutorial >>>HERE!<<<

Here you can find cheat engine table for the latest game version (1.0.009). Currently we have free cheats from ColonelRVH. Trainer for Praey for the Gods will be available soon. Keep for updates.


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