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Oriental Empires (2017) is a very interesting strategy game developed by Shining Pixel Studios. Control a city or tribe from the dawn of Chinese history, and turn it into a great empire. Develop your land, create great cities, raise huge armies and fight epic wars. Advance your technology, culture and religion to create one of mankind’s great civilizations.

File №1. Game version: +8 options by MrAntiFun [Old]

Available Options:

  • F1 – Unlimited Money
  • F2 – Instant Research
  • F3 – Unlimited Food
  • F4 – Maximum Population
  • F5 – Instant Construction
  • F6 – Active God Mode
  • F7 – Disable Peasants Unrest
  • F8 – Disable Nobel Unrest

Here you can find Oriental Empires Trainer (latest game version Currently we have free cheats from MrAntiFun. [Update required!]


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  1. Nelino says:

    Whats the use of God Mode ??

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