Miasma Chronicles Trainer (1.1.1)

Miasma Chronicles (2023) is an action strategy game for PC. From the creators of Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden comes a beautifully crafted tactical adventure you won’t forget. Embark on a quest across a post-apocalyptic wasteland torn apart by a savage force known only as the ‘Miasma’.

File №1. Game version: 1.1.1. +15 options by ColonelRVH


  • F1 – Active God Mode
  • F2 – Infinite Action Points
  • F3 – Infinite Rage
  • F4 – Invisibility
  • F5 – Infinite Plastic
  • F6 – Infinite Plastic
  • F7 – Multiply Plastic Get
  • F8 – Multiply EXP Gain
  • F9 – Infinite Skill Points
  • F10 – Infinite Miasma Power
  • F11 – Infinite Ammo
  • Ctrl+F1 – One Hit Kill
  • Ctrl+F2 – Change Game Speed
  • Ctrl+F3 – Change Set Walk Speed
  • Ctrl+F4 – Change Set Sneak Speed


Here you can find Miasma Chronicles Trainer for the latest game version (1.1.1). Currently we have free cheats from ColonelRVH.


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