Gordian Quest Trainer (Build 101b)

Gordian Quest (2020) is an epic RPG inspired by old-school classics like Ultima and Wizardry, using modern gaming concepts like deckbuilding and turn-based strategic combat. Lead and nurture parties of heroes. Forge bonds and discover new skills among them. Journey forth and unravel the ancient curses set upon your land.

File №1. CE Table +7 by Cyber. Game version: Build 101b+.


  • [x] – Unlock Console
  • [x] – Adjust Console Key
  • [x] – Infinite Health
  • [x] – Character Status Pointer
  • [x] – Skill Card Status Pointer
  • [x] – Equipment Status Pointer
  • [x] – Resource Status Pointer


At the moment you can download cheat engine table for latest game version (Build 101b) created by Cyber. Trainer for Gordian Quest will be available soon. Keep for updates.


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