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Frozenheim (2022) is a serene Norse city builder with elaborate management gameplay and RTS tactical combat. Lead your Viking clan through hardships of the frozen north, season by season, year after year. Build and survive. Set sail, explore and conquer. Win Odin’s favor and secure your place in Valhalla!

File №1. Game version: +8 options by FLiNG


  • Numpad 1 – Infinite Workers
  • Numpad 2 – Infinite Food
  • Numpad 3 – Infinite Wood
  • Numpad 4 – Infinite Stone
  • Numpad 5 – Infinite Steel
  • Numpad 6 – Infinite Bog Iron
  • Numpad 7 – Infinite Animal Skins
  • Numpad 8 – Infinite Clothes


Here you can find Frozenheim Trainer for the latest game version ( Currently we have free cheats from FLiNG.


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