FIFA 21 Trainer (1.0)

FIFA 21 (2020) is a new football simulation video game, the 28th installment in the FIFA series. Career Mode will see new additions following years of criticism from the community – mainly to the manager mode. New additions include; a revamped interactive match simulation mode, which allows players to instantly jump in and out of matches in addition to changing game plans in real time.

File №1. Game version: 1.0. +11 options by peizhaochen


  • Home – Open time/training results menu
  • F1 – Stop Timer
  • F2 – Time increase
  • F3 – Ends the first half
  • F4 – Ends the second half
  • F5 – Reset upper / second half time
  • F6 – Training score +500
  • F7 – Rraining with the highest score
  • F8 – Unlimited transfer budget
  • F9 – Slow motion mode
  • F10 – Super speed


1. First open the game, and then open the modifier (cheat).
2. Learn how to use the modifier.
3. Turn on the modifier “initialization” item(if there is no initialization item, do not turn on).
4. Use the modification item (view modifier instructions cannot be turned on).
5. When the key function is not specifically specified, the number keys are not keypad.
6. Click the button before the function description to customize the modifier key, the hotkey file generated in the modifier directory is a custom key to save the file.

Here you can find trainer for PC game FIFA 21 version 1.0+. Currently we have free cheats from peizhaochen.


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