Clothing Store Simulator Trainer (0.1.5)

Clothing Store Simulator (2024) is a fun simulation game that will let you feel the glamorous world of fashion. Make a brand deal, order products, fill the aisles, dress the mannequins and start selling. Dresses, shirts, coats, pants, nightwear, underwear, shoes and more are waiting for you.

File №1. Game version: 0.1.5. +7 options by GreenHouse


  • Numpad 1 – Infinite Money
  • Numpad 2 – Change Money Per Sale Multiplier
  • Numpad 3 – Change Money
  • Numpad 4 – Change Experience Multiplier
  • Numpad 5 – Place Furniture Anywhere
  • Numpad 6 – Stop Time
  • Numpad 7 – Change Customer Multiplier


File №2. CE Table +4 by ColonelRVH. Game version: 0.1.5.


  • [x] – Ignore Paying Cost / Infinite Money
  • [x] – Multiply Store Experience Gain
  • [x] – Force Pause
  • [x] – Speedhack (Ctrl+/Ctrl-)

-> Download (4 KB)

You don’t know how to use .CT files? Check our tutorial >>>HERE!<<<

At the moment you can download cheat engine table for latest PC game version (0.1.5) created by ColonelRVH. Trainer for Clothing Store Simulator by GreenHouse also available now. Keep for updates.


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