BIGFOOT Trainer (4.4)

BIGFOOT (2017) is a survival horror game about hunting Bigfoot. There are 2 modes available: you can play against Bigfoot controlled by AI, or another player can play as the monster. Eyewitnesses often mention its enormous size, incredible strength, and elusiveness. For many years, researchers searched for him, but no one could provide evidence of his existence.

File №1. Game version: 4.4. +4 options by REPPiN

List of Functions:

  • Numpad 1 – Infinite Health
  • Numpad 2 – Maximum Inventory Items
  • Numpad 3 – Infinite Clip Ammo
  • Numpad 4 – Change Game Speed


Here you can find trainer for PC game BIGFOOT version 4.4 Update (08.2022). Currently we have free cheats from REPPiN/WeMod.


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