30XX Trainer (0.11.0)

30XX (2020) combines the crisp controls and fluid movement you love from action platformers like Mega Man X, the replayability of a modern Roguelike (Binding of Isaac, Enter the Gungeon, Dead Cells, etc) and co-op play into a single gorgeous package.

CE Table +9 by YT_SyntaxError305. Game version: 0.11.0+.


  • [x] – God Mode
  • [x] – Fast Kills
  • [x] – Armor Pointer
  • [x] – Weapon Changer
  • [x] – Added stats pointers to control all stats
  • [x] – Power weapon all three slots changer
  • [x] – Pyramids Static Address
  • [x] – Ice Cube Static Address
  • [x] – Scrap Static Address


Source: https://fearlessrevolution.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=13554

At the moment you can download cheat engine table for latest game version (0.11.0 Steam). Trainer for 30XX will be available soon. Keep for updates.


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